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Reduce chargebacks and friendly fraud with MidMetrics™ solutions for merchants. We can help you navigate the chargeback process, reduce fraudulent activity, streamline chargeback disputes and improve customer service all with a single solution.

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Chargeback Prevention Alerts

MidMetrics™ utilizes the largest prevention alert networks (Verifi and Ethoca) to help you prevent chargebacks before they occur.

  • Alerts are received in real-time and can be emailed to clients to ensure that no credit card or debit card alert is missed.
  • We offer an integrated, self-service dashboard where merchants can access, view, and manage alerts in one convenient place.


Chargeback Alerts
Chargeback Software On-Demand Reports

Concierge Service

We offer a turnkey solution where our staff will work within your CRM to manage alerts on your behalf using our comprehensive chargeback management tools. This includes canceling customer accounts, providing refunds on alerted transactions and any subsequent charges, and notifying alert companies of resolutions.

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We can identify vulnerabilities in your merchant account ecosystem with real-time dashboards, flags, and warnings that identify potential problems.

Our merchant account reconciliation tools help identify billing discrepancies and over-reserving. Features include:

  • Monitoring daily merchant account settlements and bank deposits
  • Ensuring the merchant is billed correctly
  • Notifying merchants if any billing discrepancy is found
  • Tracking reserve funds and fees charged by processors
  • Sending merchants daily report about settlement, deposits, fees, and reserves

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Chargeback Software MID Health
Chargeback Representment_Rebuttal Letter Hero


DisputeGenius™ is our chargeback dispute representment solution. It is an essential piece of dispute management software in the chargeback process ecosystem. Unlike anything else in the market, it allows you to generate highly effective rebuttal letters, including compelling evidence, through the use of our custom, dynamically generated templates. DisputeGenius™ gives you more control over your representment process while simultaneously streamlining it. Make representments easier and more effective, save time, and recover more revenue with DisputeGenius™.


Chargeback Analytics

Our chargeback analytics dashboard is a unique chargeback solution that allows you to have a comprehensive view of your entire chargeback ecosystem. Among the dashboard features are:

  • MID Health and Overview reports
  • Numerous sorting options for chargeback data, including credit card issuer, card brand, prevention alerts, refunds by BIN, company, issuing bank, price point, date, and transaction sequence
  • The ability to view your chargebacks at a broad view or to drill down into the details of individual chargebacks


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Why MidMetrics™?

Drawing on more than 20 years of merchant experience, we developed a suite of chargeback protection tools fitting the needs of merchants that had been left unaddressed by existing chargeback protection providers. Using our tools, merchants can expect a significant chargeback reduction in various types of chargebacks over a 30 to 90 day period, preventing 30-40% of their fraudulent chargeback activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What challenges do merchants face in managing chargebacks?

Managing chargebacks can be a time consuming, confusing endeavor that redirects time and resources from the merchant’s actual business. Chargebacks, especially from friendly fraud, can come from unexpected sources and often peak at times that coincide with busy periods such as the holiday season. Chargebacks are also expensive, in ways that involve both direct and indirect costs. Merchants need chargeback protection from friendly fraud, chargeback fraud, and illegitimate chargebacks to help them in the dispute process.

What risks do chargebacks pose to merchants?

Chargebacks inevitably cause merchants to lose money, in terms of lost revenue, chargeback fees, and operational costs. Excessive chargebacks also place merchants at the risk of having their merchant ID placed on the credit card company MATCH list for 5 years. Low and high-risk merchants can also become victim to friendly fraud and the true cost of chargebacks.

What chargeback solutions do I need as a merchant?

While the specific needs vary from merchant to merchant, the basic categories are chargeback prevention alerts, chargeback representment management, and chargeback analytics. Whether handled in-house or outsourced, these are the basic needs that most merchants must manage in order to control chargebacks.

How can a merchant manage chargebacks and still run a business?

It varies from merchant to merchant. Some merchants may find it entirely within their capabilities to manage all of their chargeback needs on their own. But others may need assistance. For those who do need some help, they face choices between fully outsourced chargeback management and chargeback management tools that allow them to more easily take care of their own chargeback protection needs. A high-risk merchant, in particular, may struggle with friendly fraud, consumer claims, risk management, illegitimate chargebacks, human error, chargeback fraud, and more.