Chargeback Representment Management

DisputeGenius™ helps merchants resolve chargeback disputes intelligently. Accept or dispute chargebacks with a single click.

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Chargeback Representment Solutions for Fighting Chargebacks
API Integrations API Integration Pulls in essential chargeback details from your processor or gateway
All-In-One Management All-In-One Representment Everything you need to fight chargebacks and recover revenue (ROI)
Analytics Tools Deep Analytics & Insights Full transparency on chargeback representment win/loss rates & ROI
Quick Downloads Actionable Reports Export chargeback representment reports into a soft file in seconds
Simplify Chargeback Dispute Resolution with DisputeGenius™, an Intelligent Chargeback Representment Platform

Why Do I Need Chargeback Management?

Chargebacks are inevitable. Every merchant should try to prevent them as much as possible but the reality is some will always occur. But not every chargeback should simply be accepted. Because of friendly fraud and chargeback fraud, there are some chargebacks that should be fought and can be won. A good chargeback management solution can help merchants fight and win more of those chargebacks without requiring cumbersome amounts of time and effort spent on the representment process. You can reduce your time spent fighting chargebacks and recover more revenue.

Why Choose MidMetrics™?

MidMetrics™ offers a representment solution service for merchants, DisputeGenius™, that is unlike anything else on the market. Our self-service solution is both highly customizable and easy to use. It allows you to generate dispute letters that fit every possible situation without requiring an extensive amount of time, effort, and representment expertise. Our solution will help you breeze through the representment process and recover more revenue. Processing chargebacks has never been easier.

Automate Chargeback Rebuttal Letters

Key Features of DisputeGenius™

Chargebacks Pre-filled Data All the chargeback and transaction data is pre-filled for you to streamline the chargeback process
Automated Reports Rebuttal Templates Choose from hundreds of ready-to-use rebuttal letter templates automatically matched to the correct chargeback reason code
Historical Records Upload Evidence Easily attach supporting documents to rebuttal letters such as proof of delivery, proof of signature and other compelling evidence
Insights Quick Preview At any time, you may preview the chargeback rebuttal letter and representment package
Real-Time Reports Save Time and Money Reduce employee time needed to respond to unwarranted chargebacks
Chargeback Representment Quick Access to Transaction Details Robust transaction details are presented with the original transaction and any associated transactions right from the dashboard.