Chargeback Prevention Alerts

Strategies to prevent chargebacks begin with chargeback alerts. To protect your business from chargebacks, you need a solution that allows you to immediately receive and easily respond to alerts.

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Chargeback Prevention to Prevent Chargebacks
API Integrations API Integration Pulls in essential chargeback alerts details from Verifi and Ethoca
All-In-One Management All-In-One Prevention Everything you need to prevent chargebacks and protect your MIDs
Analytics Tools Deep Analytics & Insights View how chargeback alerts are performing across your entire portfolio
Quick Downloads Actionable Reports Download chargeback reports into an Excel or PDF file in just seconds
Chargeback Alerts Analytics Tools

Why Do I Need Chargeback Alerts?

Chargebacks operate according to several overlapping timetables and deadlines amongst the various stakeholders in the payments process. Unfortunately, the merchant is left uninformed throughout this process until the end, leaving few options and limited time for a response to customer disputes. Chargeback alerts bring the merchant into the loop from the outset, sending the merchant a notification whenever a consumer contacts their issuer to initiate a chargeback. This early notification gives the merchant the opportunity to respond in a number of different ways—including issuing a refund or preparing to dispute or accept the chargeback. Thanks to the alert, the merchant has a wider array of possible responses and a longer timetable to make decisions.

Why Should I Choose MidMetrics™?

MidMetrics™ offers alerts from both of the leading providers, Verifi and Ethoca, in a platform that simplifies managing and responding to alerts. MidMetrics™ alerts are sent to the merchant immediately. They function in tandem with our analytics dashboards and serve as an easy platform for responding to and working alerts.

Chargeback Alerts Management Dashboard

Chargeback Prevention Alerts Features

Alerts Accept & Refund Alerts With MidMetrics, it is easy to decide how to respond to alerts. With just a few clicks you can accept & refund alerts or dispute them in real time.
Chargeback Prevention Reduce Friendly Fraud Take control of your chargeback process and prevent friendly fraud, reduce chargeback rates and chargeback disputes with our comprehensive chargeback management software.
Portfolio Management Managed Services Chargeback alerts never sleep. When you use our managed services, our chargeback alert management works around the clock to make sure your Verifi and Ethoca alerts are handled promptly. Let us help you maximize your chargeback prevention efforts.
Chargeback Deflection Prevent Duplicate Alerts Our BIN analytics can help you prevent duplicate alerts. If a bank is submitting to both Verifi and Ethoca, resulting in you receiving alerts (and fees) from both services for a single chargeback, you can use our analytics dashboards together with our alerts to remedy the problem through BIN suppression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are chargeback prevention alerts?

Chargeback prevention alerts are a warning to a merchant that a chargeback will soon be filed. The two primary alerts providers are Verifi (for Visa transactions) and Ethoca (for Mastercard transactions).

Why should I get my alerts from a third-party provider?

It is possible to subscribe to the chargeback prevention alert networks on your own. But keeping those alerts organized and properly responding to them can be cumbersome. There are also sometimes issues in which banks notify both Ethoca and Verifi about a single chargeback, resulting in duplicate alerts and fees. A good third-party alerts provider makes it easier to organize and manage alerts as well as providing solutions to problems such as duplicate alerts. Additionally, third-party alerts can be packaged together with other chargeback management tools in a single platform.

How can I prevent chargebacks?

Chargeback prevention strategies are complex and vary according to the particulars of each business. But any effective chargeback prevention strategy requires some sort of advance warning such as chargeback prevention alerts. If you don’t know that credit card chargebacks are incoming, it is very difficult to prevent them.

What are the risks associated with chargebacks?

Chargebacks are expensive. Ethoca estimates that, on average, each chargeback costs merchants 2.5 times the original transaction amount. This statistic generally measures the direct costs of chargebacks, which come from lost revenue, chargeback fees (between $20-per-chargeback and $100-per-chargeback), and operational costs. There are also indirect costs relating to brand damage. And there are more severe consequences associated with excessive chargebacks.