MasterCard Chargeback Reason Codes

4842 Late Presentment
4859 Addendum, No-Show, or ATM Dispute
4808 Cardholder-Activated Terminal (CAT) 3 Device
4808 Expired Chargeback Protection Period
4808 Required Authorization Not Obtained
4870 Chip Liability Shift
4807 Warning Bulletin
4808 Multiple Authorization Requests
4834 Transaction Amount Differs
4834 Point-Of-Interaction Error, ATM Disputes
4834 Late Presentment
4834 Point-of-Interaction (POI) Currency Conversion (Dynamic Currency Conversion)
4834 Cardholder Debited More than Once for the Same Goods or Services
4834 Merchant Credit Correcting Error, Cardholder Currency Exchange Loss
4812 Account Number Not On File
4831 Incorrect Transaction Amount
4834 Charges for Loss, Theft, or Damages
4837 No Cardholder Authorization
4840 Fraudulent Processing Of Transactions
4841 Canceled Recurring Or Digital Goods Transactions
4849 Mastercard Rule 3.7 Violation for Coercion Claim
4849 Questionable Merchant Audit Program (QMAP)
4846 Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided/Currency Error
4853 Addendum Dispute
4853 Cardholder Dispute of a Recurring Transaction
4853 Counterfeit Goods
4853 Credit Not Processed
4853 Credit Posted as a Purchase
4853 Digital Goods Purchase of $25 or Less
4853 Goods or Services Not as Described or Defective
4853 Goods or Services Not Provided
4853 Issuer Dispute of a Recurring Transaction
4853 Timeshares
4853 Transaction Did Not Complete
4849 Global Merchant Audit Program (GMAP)
4853 "No Show" Hotel Charge
4860 Credit Not Processed
4863 Cardholder Does Not Recognize – Potential Fraud
4871 Chip Liability Shift – Lost/Stolen/Never Received Fraud
4855 Goods or Services Not Provided